Macally TunePal Headset w/Microphone

For iPod Touch™ 2G, 3G & iPhone™ 3G, 3GS
(Compatible with Skype and all recording apps. Click thumbnail for more images.)

** The button located on the mic/wire does work to activate Voice Controls in the new 34GB and 64GB 3rd Gen iPod Touches**

TheTunePal Headset w/Microphone is an iPod Touch™ 2nd Gen and iPhone compatible headset fitted with an iPod Touch/iPhone Microphone on the wire. These headphones are compatible with all applications that require a mic. No modification of any type is required, just plug-n-play.

If you are just looking for a basic alternative to the stock Apple earbuds then these are an excellent value as they come with 3 extra sets of earbuds in S,M, and L sizes, and a free audio splitter so you can share your music or audio with your friends.

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Price: $19.00

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