3rd Party Mic Adapter Cable ECM

This adapter allows you to connect a standard electret condenser microphone (EMC) with 3.5mm (1/8 inch) connector to the iPhone/iPad/iPod or other compatible device for quality recording. This adapter is for use with ECM microphones that do not have batteries and will allow the phone to power the ECM microphone. This adapter works with ECM microphones that have a mono or stereo 1/8” (3.5mm) connector.

Types of microphones that work with this adapter:
  • ECM Microphones that require 2 VDC plug in power.
  • Lavaliere ECM Microphones (without batteries)
  • ECM PC Microphones
  • ECM Headset/boom Microphones

      Types of microphones that will NOT work with this adapter:
      (For the following microphones, use TMC-IP-MIC)
      • Dynamic Microphones
      • Lavaliere microphones (with batteries)
      • Wireless microphone systems

      Works With:
      • iPhone 3G / 3Gs / 4G / 4S
      • iPad (all versions)
      • iPod (all versions)
      • Mac Computers with combined headset ports

      How it Works: Plug the adapter into the iPhone (or other device) headset jack and then plug your microphone into the adapter. The iPhone will recognize that an external mic is connected and turn its internal mic off allowing you to record using the external microphone. This adapter works with all audio/video recording apps and other functions just as the internal mic would.

Price: $21.00