The iPad’s integrated mic may not be optimal or convenient for several iPad microphone uses.

Here are the top 4 cases when an external TouchMic iPad mic would come in handy:


1. Using VoIP telephony apps such as Skype & Line2
Yes, you can use your iPad mic and on-board speaker for placing phone calls over the Internet with your iPad, but it isn’t optimal. If you don’t want others in the vicinity to hear your conversation or if you are in a loud environment, you may want to consider investing in a good headset with integrated mic, or a TouchMic Lapel Mic and Adapter,  Both serve as great iPad Microphones for VoIP apps.

2. Recording a telephone conversation or conference call with your iPad
Our Telephone Conversation Recording Microphone will allow you to use your iPad to record important telephone  conversations and conference calls you conduct over your regular cell phone or any land line phone.

3. Outdoor interviews or recordings
If you find yourself recording in windy outdoor areas, you may want to check out our MityMic, which comes fitted with a windscreen – perfect for outdoor recording.

4. Use any third party microphone not intended for use with Apple products (i.e. a hand held mic)
Our Third Party Mic & Adapter Cable will allow you to interface almost any sort of third party mic with a 3.5mm jack and make it into an iPad Microphone.

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Enjoy your iPads folks!